School Expectations


Class and whole school assemblies are held regularly, normally on a Tuesday. Parents are welcome to attend assemblies. Information regarding times or changes in time can be found in our newsletters.

Mass is every Thursday 9-10am. Each class attends alternate weeks.

Encouraging Desirable Behaviour— Living the Gospel Message

Fostering self-esteem and co-operation is the important goal. Therefore, techniques that reward desirable behaviour and encourage co-operation while reinforcing a sense of well-being and self-worth are used.
Children are encouraged to respect others in their work and play. Anti-social behaviour that compromises the learning, self esteem or safety of others is not acceptable. We record these behaviours and work with families to encourage better choices.


Junior class pupils will have a “reader” most nights, and senior classes may have a "reader", tables, spelling and perhaps a research assignment. The general school policy is that homework should be meaningful and should reinforce the current learning. However the policy also reflects that home time is primarily family and leisure time and homework, including regular reading, should not exceed 15 - 20 mins per night.
We encourage you to be positive in your praise for work done at home. Homework is a grand opportunity for you to show an interest in your child’s schooling.

Parent Helpers

There are many occasions where parents are able to help with school activities and teachers recognise and are grateful for the support they receive at these times.

Parent Help in Classroom

Parent help in the classroom is beneficial for all children in the room. Prior to the classroom programme, the classroom teacher will explain what the parent helper can do and help in the class lesson. Parent helpers will be given a copy of the school policy on Parent Help, and will be asked to sign a confidentiality form.

School Camps

There is a school camp at least every second year for the Senior class. Costs must be met by parents. Parent Help is vital to ensure the success of School Camps.


Catholic Religious Education

Our Lady Star of the Sea School is a Catholic school and our curriculum reflects this. All classes at Our Lady Star of the Sea have religious education instruction time as well as the integration of the values into all other subject areas.

Subject Coverage

Our school has a clear commitment to providing quality programmes of work in all areas of the curriculum with a particular focus on the key subjects under literacy and numeracy. Curriculum areas are reviewed and updated regularly as new national curriculum documents are produced and the needs of our school change.


Stationery lists for each class are available in the school office and you can view them by clicking here.


The school has an excellent library with a wide range of titles for the benefit of all children in the school. New titles are constantly added. All pupils spend some structured class time in the library each week and pupils are able to use the library at lunchtimes. Books are issued during in-school library sessions. Parents are requested to ensure books are returned to school promptly and in good condition.

Music / Dance

Our school provides music education through our inquiry teaching time and through our religious education programme. In addition to this, we have a private music teacher who holds lessons in the music rooms at school. 
Dance lessons are also available with a private dance tutor. These lessons are held in the school hall.

Support Services

The following support services are available through the School by referral.
  • Public Health Nurse
  • RTLB Resource - Teachers of Learning and Behaviour
  • Speech Resource - Teachers of Literacy
  • Speech Therapist
  • Special Education Services
  • Truancy Officers
  • Vision/Hearing Testing
Other agencies which parents may approach themselves are:
  • Speld Teachers – Specific Learning
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Dental Nurses