A whole school newsletter is issued at least every fortnight. This covers details of what is coming up in the next few weeks, important dates to take note of, any general information, and information from various groups within the school. Classroom newsletters will be sent home from time to time, as well as special newsletters for sports events, school trips, etc. The school newsletter goes out via email to parent email addresses and is also posted via Facebook. The latest newsletters can be viewed in the News Centre


The school also uses Facebook to communicate information. Parents are encouraged to "like" our page so they receive our posts. Our Facebook posts can also be viewed from the home page of our website and the News Centre.

Parent/Teacher Learning Conferences

Pupil, Parent Teacher Interviews or conferences are scheduled at least twice a year, usually Term 1 and Term 3. Parents are encouraged to take part in these as an important part of reporting to parent requirements. These interviews form part of the National Standards reporting requirements.

Parent Information Evenings

We hold occasional parent information and feedback evenings during every school year. These form an important part of our communication to the parent community and  we encourage the parents to attend.


Reports go home for 6 year net (6th birthday) the end of 1, 2, and 3 years at school and mid-year and end of year for all other year groups. These reports will contain details of your child's progress against the New Zealand Curriculum levels in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and R.E. The reports will also contain information on other curriculum areas and key competences.


Occasionally we will send surveys home to get feedback on particular issues or decisions that are under consideration.

Informal Interviews and Meetings

If you wish to meet a teacher for any particular reason during the school year, please contact the teacher for an appointment or pop in before or after school. If you have a specific concern or request, it is best to contact via email before any meeting to give the teacher time to prepare any information you may want.