Our Vision

● Inclusive & Caring ● Dynamic & Thriving ● Faith-filled with Aroha ● Community Connected
What our Vision means:
  • Incorporate the founding ethos of the school.
  • Be motivated by Christian values. 
  • Demonstrate these in our living and learning.
  • Be informed on best practice.
  • Be committed to using the best of the latest teaching methods in harmony with the foundation skills and the very best of traditional teaching.
  • Meet children’s needs by using a variety of learning experiences and methods.
  • Staff and children set learning goals and regularly assess their progress against them.
  • We will keep active communication going between all our community stakeholders to better serve the educational needs of the children.
  • Strive to achieve excellence in all we do, academically, in sports and culturally.
More information about the strategic direction of our school can be found in our Charter.